777 Charlie dog real owner (777 Charlie) movie review

Director Kiranraj K states “We treated Charlie like a member of our family when we adopted her, and we still do now. In reality, Charlie is the fundamental reason why the movie 777 Charlie is what it is today, thus that relationship doesn’t call for any compensation.”

777 Charlie – The beautiful bond between Dharma & his pup Charlie in the superhit movie! A naughty and energetic pup named Charlie gives a lonely and reclusive man a new perspective towards his life. This movie is an emotional film featuring a man spending his life alone overthinking every minute detail of his life, but things take a positive turn for him when a dog named Charlie becomes an integrated part of his daily routine.

About – 777 Charlie

  • Release date : 2 June 2022 (India)
  • Director : Kiranraj K
  • Music by : Nobin Paul
  • Budget : 20 crores INR
  • Producers : Rakshit Shetty, G. S. Guptha
  • Box office : est. ₹105 crore
  • Cinematography : Arvind S. Kashyap
  • Edited by : Pratheek Shetty
  • Music by : Nobin Paul
  • Production company : Paramvah Studios
  • Written by : Kiranraj K.
  • Produced by : G. S. Gupta, Rakshit Shetty
  • Dialogue by : Kiranraj K., Raj B. Shetty, Abhijit Mahesh
777 Charlie movie poster with all the characters

777 Charlie had a limited theatrical release on 2 June 2022 with special preview screenings across 21 Indian cities starting with Delhi and Amritsar, and later moving to Jaipur, Mumbai, Kochi, Chennai, Pune on June 6 and Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Solapur, Thiruvananthapuram, Varanasi, and Coimbatore on 7 June.The film was released worldwide in cinemas in 10 June 2022.

Earlier in May 2021, director Kiranraj announced in an interview that 777 Charlie will have a theatrical release during the fourth quarter of that year. He said that “considering the budget, scale and the pan-Indian approach, one cannot assure the film being streamed in an over-the-top media service. The making of the film has been very taxing deal on us, sure, but the whole team wishes that the audience gets to see the film on the big screen. We have our hopes pinned on the vaccination drive and the government’s approach in controlling the pandemic, thus the audience will be receptive to watching films in the theatres. The film also released in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam languages.

The team planned to release the film on the last week of December, as the producers had a sentiment with Shetty’s last two successful releases Kirik Party and Avane Srimmannarayana had released on the last week of December.In September 2021, the makers announced that 777 Charlie would be released theatrically on 31 December 2021, coinciding the New Year’s Eve. A few weeks before the scheduled release, the producers announced that the premiere would be postponed. Apart from being considered for a dubbed version in Russian, it was reported to be one of the 39 movies considered by China to dub in their language.


Dharma, portrayed by Rakshit Shetty, was an introvert who resided in a neighbourhood where animals were not permitted. He lost his family many years ago. He was a manufacturing worker who didn’t care to socialise. He lived a life of beer, smokes, and labour until a stray puppy entered his life one day. He initially ignored it, but how long can a dog be ignored? He eventually gave it the name “Charlie” because he was an admirer of Charlie Chaplin. The neighbours objected to him bringing the dog into the neighbourhood pretty strongly, but Dharma, who is merciless by nature, was unconcerned. Charlie was soon after given a form of cancer diagnosis, and from then the movie starts with its new climax and journey begins.

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Character ActorAge
DahrmaRakshit Shetty40
DevikaSangeeta Sringeri 25
Dr. Ashwin Raj Shetty 36
AdhrikaSharvari Wagh
VamshinadhanBobby Simha39
Tea Stall OwnerBhargavi Narayan84
CompounderAbhijit Mahesh 38
Cast & Age of Actors of 777 Charlie movie


  1. Life of Dharma Teaser
  2. Life of Charlie
  3. Torture song
  4. O ga
  5. Journey song
  6. Sahapaati
  7. Bonding song
  8. The Hymm of Dharma 
  9. Beelkoduge
  10. Escape song

Positive points

Languages aren’t a barrier in this film, as the subject is all heart. In a line, the film could well be described as the “relationship between a man and a dog” but director  ensures that he packs in emotion and light-heartedness in equal measure that we are engaged all the time.This is predominantly a man-animal relationship film, but it is also a emotion travel film and a musical. When director Kiranraj isn’t showing you pictureseque locales (cinematography by Arvind S Kashyap) during Dharma’s life-changing road trip, he’s making you invested in the story thanks also to its music (by Nobin Paul), with wonderful little songs peppered in the screenplay, like the occasional barks that Charlie lets out.

This writer watched the dubbed Tamil version of the film (which is a primarily a Kannada film, with many well-known faces from the Kannada film industry), but the makers seem to have ensured that it feels very original. The sign boards are all from Chennai — the colony the protagonist lives in is in Ambattur — and the actors do a commendable job with the lip sync.

Negative points

No negative points. Glad to tell that director doesn’t fail to make audience happy ! This movie is Masterpiece.


They say some love stories live on forever….well, this one’s gonna stay in my heart & mind for a long, long time ! One of the finest movies I’ve watched in recent times, 777 Charlie has so much warmth, heart & soul that it’s bound to make you feel every beat of it’s wonderful journey ! Best !

The movie deserves more recognition than it has got. Apart from the beautiful message it gives, I also want to thank the actor how immersed his character was in the movie and literally it made my eyes teary at the end. A masterpiece movie showing such a harsh condition of a society. Charlie was so so cute, she was the real star of the movie. Her attractive eyes caught my attention in every scene and though the movie length is a bit long it never seemed like that. I thought I was traveling with charlie all along the route. The entire team did a fantastic job and in these days, these type of movies are gem and creating them are nothing but just of piece of art which I can store with me my whole life. A million thanks for making this movie.

777Charlie is not just a movie, but it’s an emotion. It’s a must watch movie along ur family and pet lovers don’t miss this one. If you don’t have pet after this movie, you wish to have one. Music was brilliant with great songs. Direction went very well.Acting of Rakshit Shetty just lit up the screen.And no words about Charlie, just no words .It’s a movie which has both sides of emotions of joy & sad. Go & watch, reviews aren’t important for these kind of movies.

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What is the salary of the dog Charlie ?

Rakshit revealed that the project’s total earnings stood at Rs 150 crore and out of which he has announced 10% profits to go to the film’s crew and 5% to animal welfare NGOs.

Who is the trainer of the dog (Charlie) ?

Pramod BC, a professional dog trainer, trained charlie

Why 777 Charlie is not so famous?

Sort of disappointed with the distribution of the movie in Hindi belt. Many are complaining about uneven distribution of the movie. In some areas, the movie got released in 5–6 theatres. And in some areas, there are no shows at all.Overall, it’s an outstanding movie.

Kiranraj K directed another movie ?

Yes, he has directed other movies like Katha Sangama and Ricky

Where can I watch 777 Charlie movie ?

You can watch this movie on Disney+Hotstar

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