Gadar 2 is a sequel – Gadar 2 movie review

The popular 2001 film Gadar: Ek Prem Katha has a sequel, titled Gadar 2.In terms of its character arcs, settings, and premise, Gadar 2, a sequel to Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (2001), is a classic example of old wine in new bottles. However, due to its capacity to raise the heart rate with its action scenes, it is only recommended as a one-time viewing. Many of the returning characters from the first movie are present, along with a few fresh faces.

Gadar is a love story about Sakina, portrayed by Ameesha Patel, and Tara Singh, played by Sunny Deol. The love story has remained impressed in our hearts despite the passing of so many years. The plot will finally pick up where it left off in 2001, according to the filmmakers.

About – Gadar 2

  • Release Date :11 August 2023
  • Language : Hindi
  • Genre : Action, Drama
  • Duration : 2h 50min
  • Director : Anil Sharma
  • Writer: Shaktimaan Talwar
  • Cinematography : Najeeb Khan
  • Music : Mithoon
  • Producer : Anil Sharma
  • Production : Zee Studios, Anil Sharma Productions
  • Certificate : U/A
  • Budget : 75 – 100 Crores

This time, the spark of emotion fizzles out when Tara goes back to the next country to get his kid Jeete (Utkarsh Sharma). Simply returning Tara, the one-man army, to Pakistan is the plan, followed by the audience going bonkers. The path is fabricated, and the moral support is insufficient to carry the activity.

Gadar movie with characters


The plot of GADAR 2 centres on a father and his son. Following the first half’s events, Ashraf Ali (Amrish Puri) is slammed in Pakistan and, at Hamid Iqbal’s request, hanged. Seventeen years later, in 1971, Sunny Deol’s Tara Singh is living contentedly with his wife Sakeena (Ameesha Patel) and son Charanjeet Singh, also known as Jeete (Utkarsh Sharma). The Indian military is geared up for conflict with Pakistan. Gaurav Chopra’s Lieutenant Colonel Devendra Rawat urges Tara to assist a specific army unit that is stranded at the border while battling the Pakistani army. In addition to giving ammo to the Indian army unit, Tara also engages in combat. Several Indian soldiers and truck drivers who were with Tara are taken prisoner by the Pakistani army.

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Tara is believed to be detained in Pakistan’s Kot Lakhpat prison but is currently missing. Both Sakeena and Jeete are devastated. The state of Jeete’s mother is too much for her. To find his father, he flees to Pakistan on a false passport. He approaches Ashraf Ali’s brother Abdul Ali (Ehsan Khan) and Gul Khan alias Gullu (Mushtaq Khan), asking for their help in breaking into Kot Lakhpat prison. Jeete poses as a cook in the home of Kurban Khan (Mushtaq Kak) as part of their scheme. Muskaan (Simratt Kaur), Kurban’s daughter, helped Jeete land the job by falling in love with him. The rest of the movie is based on what occurs next.


Tara SinghSunny Deol65
Sakeena Ameesha Patel47
Charanjeet SinghUtkarsh Sharma 29
Muskaan Simrat Kaur26
Pakistan ArmyManish Wadhwa51
Deveandra RawatGaurav Chopra44
Cast & Age of Gadar 2 movie


  1. Udd Jaa Kaale Kaava
  2. Dil Jhoom
  3. Khairiyat
  4. Chal Tere Ishq Mein
  5. Sura Soi
  6. Mein Nikala Gaddi Leke
Gadar 2 movie character

Positive Points

In just two days, 83.18 crores have already been made from the Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, and Utkarsh Sharma blockbuster, which is more than many big-name actors have managed to make in their whole careers since the pandemic. When the movie has completed its lifetime, which is still several weeks away, it might serve as a kind of case study.

The reimagined versions of the songs, Main Nikla Gadi leke and Udd Ja Kale Kaavan, were what I really loved and enjoyed. They transport you back in time and are the heart of the movie. And the extra two tracks are likewise a breath of fresh air and are excellent. Be reassured that there is no shortage of hearty patriotism or whistle-worthy moments when it comes to bravery and patriotism. Both Tara and Jeete have plenty of room to display their prowess and carry out some nonstop action sequences in slow motion in Gadar 2.

You will undoubtedly experience some nostalgia when watching the film and, after 22 years, you will feel reconnected to Tara Singh and Sakina. You may go back to the early 2000s by listening to songs like Urja Kale and Main Nikla Gaddi Leke. Strong performances, especially from Sunny Deol as the title character, are one of the film’s key strong points. The movie has a few standout moments and clap-worthy passages, especially in the second half, which effectively propel the narrative. One of the film’s many highlights is the new chemistry between Utkarsh Sharma and Simrat Kaur.

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Negative points

The drawback is that it lacks the original’s depth. Gadar did feature a lovely love story at its core between Tara and Sakina (Ameesha Patel), and Uttam Singh’s music made sure that it hit the right notes despite its politics of hatred.While Sayeed Quadri and Mithoon did not disappoint in this instance, they were unable to duplicate “Udja Kale Kanwa’s” charm. The song “Chal Tere Ishq Main” shines out and gives Utkarsh and Simrat Kaur some padding to build a love foundation for the action to leap off of, but this prem katha couldn’t satiate the bloodthirsty hearts or sing to the melody-minded. In the middle, Tara sparkles.

Though I have nothing against the amount of screen time Utkarsh receives, Gadar 2 seems to be more of a vehicle for the director’s kid by leveraging Tara Singh’s fanbase. Utkarsh is competent, if not outstanding, and he conveys conviction in his scenes.

The film also has a few drawbacks. The movie’s screenplay appears to be really subpar, especially in the first half. The soundtrack of the film includes a couple songs that seem a touch forced and don’t fit with the plot. When comparing Gadar 1 to the sequel, every scene was well-placed and featured some potent language. You get the impression that this is a mediocre retelling of the prequel in a few places. The prequel was renowned for its fantastic dialogue, but here the film suffers from incredibly weak dialogue and action sequences; there are scarcely any scenes or dialogues that stick with you after the film has ended.

Gadar 2 movie characters


Sunny Deol excels in a role that no other actor could ever attempt to redeem him from! The entire Deol character Tara Singh exists. From his introduction to the confrontation’s climax, Deol plays to the crowd and throws punches, including the “dhaai kilo haath” ones and the “Hindustan Zindabad forever” verbal shout. Wow!!

Ameesha Patel perfectly complements Sunny, and when the chart-topping songs from Part 1 are replicated on them, it gives the movie an excellent nostalgic touch. Utkarsh Sharma gives a respectable performance as the grown-up “gabru” son of Tara-Sakina after starting off as young Jeetey. Simrat Kaur looks stunning as Utkarsh’s Pakistani girlfriend. The two have a really sweet love story going on. Leaving a powerful impact as the villainous General who hate Indians.

Being a big fan of Sunny Deol Sir, everyone knows the story, that in this 2nd part Tara Singh will go to Pakistan to get his son back. Well, 1st half might be little boring for Audience but but but the 2nd half is full of action won’t let you sit peacefully and in every 5-10 minutes you will clap, whistle, cry and enjoy the scenes of Tara Singh..specially the Hand Pump scene is “EPIC” & the last 15 minutes are nail biting. Loved how the Director Anil Sharma has shown some clips from Gadar 1 in this 2nd part which makes the audience emotional.


Gadar 2 is banned in Pakistan ?

The film has been accused of inciting anti-Pakistan sentiment. People say that the film tried to degrade Pakistan. Gadar was also banned in Pakistan at the time of its release. The second part is also not releasing in Pakistan.

Gadar 3 is coming ?

Utkarsh made light of the third film in the series by joking that Tara Singh would play Grandpa and that viewers could get to meet Jeete’s children. But he also made it plain that he doesn’t know when the movie would be finished.

When Gadar 2 will release on OTT ?

It is expected that Gadar 2 may come on in month of November or December 2023.

Is Gadar 2 related to Gadar ?

Yes, It is a sequel to the iconic 2001 film “Gadar: Ek Prem Katha,”

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