Shamitabh actress Akshara Hasaan – smashing performance (Shamitabh 2015) Review

Shamitabh actress Akshara Haasan, who made her Bollywood debut in the movie “Shamitabh” opposite Amitabh Bachchan and Dhanush, expressed her sadness about the movie’s box office failure. She continued by saying that her parents advised her to proceed because everyone experiences this.

This movie is about the rise to fame and the Bollywood smoke screens. The starry-eyed Daanish from a small village has an intense passion for films and wants to succeed in the business. He is mute, which is the sole obstacle. He is aware that all he needs is one chance to fulfil his calling, which is just within his grasp. He travels to Mumbai because of this fascination, where he gets found.

About – Shamitabh

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mystery & thriller
  • Original Language: Hindi
  • Director: R. Balki
  • Producer: Sunil Lulla
  • Writer: R. Balki
  • Release Date (Streaming): Nov 30, 2016
  • Runtime: 2h 35m
  • Cinematography : P.C Sreeram
  • Music by: llaiyaraaja
  • Production companies : Hope Production, Eros International, Saraswati Creations
  • Budget : 45 crore rupees
  • Country : India
  • Box office : 37 Crore rupees

Shamitabh’s compelling story may leave you speechless, so it’s a shame that the movie occasionally comes out as a little bland.

Shamitabh movie image with characters


A silent man from Igatpuri named Dhanush travels to Mumbai to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a Bollywood star. He wants to enter Film City, but security personnel prevent him. He enters nevertheless and encounters Akshara Pandey, an assistant director, who is impressed by his acting. When the director finds out that Dhanush is silent, he declines her request for a role for him in the movie.

Doctors at a voice hospital tell Dhanush and Akshara that he cannot be healed because his vocal chords are completely paralysed. According to Akshara’s father, a chip will be implanted into the patient’s larynx, enabling them to “speak” thanks to a new “Live Voice Transfer Technology” that exists in Finland.Akshara and Dhanush return to Mumbai after having this procedure completed in Finland.

They are looking for someone who can speak for Dhanush whenever they need to when they come across an elderly drunk named Amitabh Sinha who is slumped down on the pavement. Amitabh too aspired to be an actor, but his voice caused him to be turned down.

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Dhanush returns to the director, who this time agrees to launch him but requests that he change his name. Dhanush looks for a name and settles on Shamitabh (a combination of Dhanush and Amitabh), giving thanks to the voice actor. Amitabh recognises that Dhanush’s success in his two films—and as a result of him alone—is all due to him, and the two begin to have ego issues.

Amitabh provides the voiceover for Dhanush’s speech when he travels to London, but Dhanush treats Amitabh like a servant. Later, Amitabh becomes drunk and assaults a police officer, leading to his detention; however, Dhanush frees him on bail. Journalists question Dhanush about his apology after the pair arrive in Mumbai. Amitabh is instructed by Dhanush to apologise on behalf of his servant. Amitabh mischievously forces him to give a negative response, much to Dhanush’s chagrin. Following their split, Dhanush plays a silent character in his upcoming movie, and Amitabh voices another actor in a different movie. Both films are bad.

Amitabh and Dhanush are brought together for the film Sorry, which Akshara is directing, after she convinces them both that they would be nothing without the other. In the meantime, Akshara and Dhanush confess their feelings for one another. A car accident occurs while Amitabh and Dhanush are travelling to the location of the Sorry press conference; Dhanush perishes, and Amitabh sustains damage to his larynx, rendering him mute.

A while later, Amitabh paces around Dhanush’s tomb practising his lines for the movie Sorry while imagining that Dhanush is still alive.


Daanish Dhanush40
Akshara Akshara Hasaan31
Amitabh SinhaAmitabh Bachchan80
Rajkumar HiraniSelf60
RajivRajeev Ravindranathan
DirectorKarim Hajee55
Anay VermaIvan Rodriguez54
Cast & Age of Shamitabh movie
Akshara image from shamitabh movie


  1. Ishq E Fillum
  2. Sha Sha Sha Mi Mi Mi
  3. Piddly Si Batein
  4. Stereophonic Sannata
  5. Thppad
  6. Lifebuoy

Positive points

Shamitabh is an innovative concept that deserves praise for its unique conception and presentation. Shamitabh sets the standard even higher with outstanding performances from Dhanush and Amitabh Bachchan, raising the bar even higher despite the marvelling at an intriguing plot. In an era of low-quality South Indian masala remakes, the movie offers a much-needed new narrative that restores our faith in smart and honest storytelling.

Dhanush gives a compelling portrayal as a deaf and dumb person, demonstrating his acting skills once more. He is outstanding in every frame, and it is surprising how tall he is despite sharing the frame with a legend like Amitabh Bachchan. The actor has great confidence while doing the dubbing roles, and his body language—a crucial aspect of his character—is perfect. This is undoubtedly a standout effort from him.

Negative points

The movie’s second half drags into a tedious plot with unwelcome surprises, bordering on mediocrity. This otherwise excellent work is marred by the addition of several dramatic components that make the plot highly predictable.

The same movie could have been much more successful, in fact, if Amitabh (Amitabh Bachchan) had simply dubbed for Daanish (Dhanush), as opposed to being given control over the latter’s vocal cords via Bluetooth-powered wireless audio technology developed in Finland and conveniently made available to a bus conductor turned struggler who conveniently receives divine assistance from an assistant director who conveniently lies to her director and manages to cast a mute actor as the film’s protagonist.

Dhanidh image from Shamitabh movie

And finally, the movie is guilty of doing the same thing after mocking manipulative mush. Shamitabh begs the question, “How much time did they spend on the script?” given the scope, money, and resources at their disposal. Well then, Piddly.


After viewing SHAMITABH, I’m completely speechless!I’ve never experienced this intensity of feeling, especially towards the climax.Hats go to the movie “R Balki”‘s writer and director for coming up with such an outstandingly amazing plot.And a big thank you to Dhanush Sir, Amitabh Ji, and Akshara Hassan for their outstanding work on this fantastic film.I have nothing to add; that was the most fantastic movie I’ve ever seen.Once more, many thanks, R Balki sir!

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This humorous and thought-provoking film features outstanding performances from the main characters.Although the full story is excellent, the script is only fair and might use some improvement.Good story, everything like comedy, drama, romances, in short good package to complete one story. One can watch this movie to explore something new.


Why Shamitabh movie was flopped ?

Actor Abhishek Bachchan claims that the reason his home movie Shamitabh, which starred his father Amitabh, bombed at the box office was because the budgeting was incorrect. Actor Abhishek Bachchan claims that the reason his home movie Shamitabh, which starred his father Amitabh, bombed at the box office was because the budgeting was incorrect.

Akshaara Hasaan debut film ?

Indian actress Akshara Haasan has acted in Tamil and Hindi-language films. She made her film debut with the comic drama Shamitabh (2015) and then debuted in Kadaram Kondan (2019), the younger sister of Shruti Haasan. She is the daughter of actors Kamal Haasan and Sarika Thakur.

How much did Shamitabh movie earn ?

Shamitabh movie world wide collection was around 39.71 Cr.

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