Taali (2023) – A biopic Series hits reality to sensitive topic

Gauri Sawant, a transgender activist, is the subject of a web series that sheds light on her daring transition, her path to parenthood, and the fight to have the third gender recognised in all official documents in India.

Taali predictably returns to the famous ruling by the Indian Supreme Court that transgender people belong to the Third Gender. The rousing conclusion comes on well, but leaves little space for conversation.

About – Taali

  • Release Date : 15 August 2023
  • Language : Hindi
  • Genre : Biography
  • Creator : Kartk D Nishandar, Arjun Singgh Baran
  • Director : Ravi Jadhav
  • Writer : Kshitij Patwardhan
  • Producer : Kartk D Nishandar, Arjun Singgh Baran, Afeefa Nadiadwala Sayed
  • Production : Viacom 18
  • Episodes : 6
  • Run-time : 25-35 minutes
  • Cinematography : Raghav Ramadoss
  • Streaming On : Jio Cinema
  • Music by : Amitraj, Sanchit Choudhary

The upcoming biographical series Taali will be one of a kind and is based on the life of transgender social activist Gauri Sawant, who has done much to improve society for the underprivileged as well as transgender people.

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Gauri still seems far away even after seven episodes. This programme does not seek to comprehend her—only to honour her. Taali is so focused on presenting Gauri as an all-encompassing, objective source of inspiration that it neglects to acknowledge the fact that she is also a live, breathing being totally deserving of a rich, subjective interior life.

We watch as Gauri tells her story in a series of flashbacks while giving an interview to Amanda (Maya Rechal McManus), a hypothetical white journalist, in the form of a Ted-talk-inspired, chapter-by-chapter presentation. She describes how she was humiliated for declaring her desire to have a mother when she was an effeminate youngster (played by Krutika Rao). Ganesh First. Even taking daughter to a sex clinic to receive hormonal pills is part of Ganesh’s harsh, traditional father’s (Nandu Madhav) job as a police inspector. After a while, she decides that leaving her house is the only way out.

The show is unable to trace the ways in which she finds the courage and determination to go for the sex-change operation. (It is heavily orchestrated into one social gathering where Ganesh is ridiculed by the trans community.) She arrives as Gauri, and the next thing we know- she has turned into a messiah of sorts for the trans community.


Shreegauri SawantSushmita Sen47
Krutika Deo24
Ankur Bhatia43
Aishwarya Narkar53
Suvrat Joshi38
Cast & Age of Taali series


  1. Teesari Ladai
  2. Two in One
  3. Rahi Chal Raha
  4. Gauri Aa Gayi
  5. Gharaunda
  6. Taali Ki Gunj
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Positive points

The story is given feelings of sadness touch by director Ravi Jadhav. The show beautifully captures the essence of Mumbai’s multicultural and energetic milieu, providing a dynamic setting for Gauri’s story to develop. The story is made more difficult by the contrast between Gauri’s personal journey and the frenetic energy of the city.

We consider Sushmita Sen to be her best era and do not want it to end. Taali has joined Aarya as one of her many children. She adopts the skin of Shreegauri Sawant and merges with the character. To play the character, she picks up the demeanour, the emotions, and even how to modify her voice. This character’s creation clearly required some work, and it shows. A level of authenticity that has never been seen on TV is added by the faintly depicted beard pores on her face.

Taali, which translates to “clap,” was chosen as the series’ name because transgender persons are frequently misunderstood in India as a group who clap near others while pleading for money. Sreegauri Sawant defied this perception and became an inspiration for others. She took in a young woman who had been abandoned and was being sold into prostitution.

Negative points

Radio transistors are employed in this emotive series as a metaphor for stale relationships.Even though TAALI only has six episodes and 180 minutes total, some of the time feels excessive. However, in several sections the story goes along rapidly and skips over some significant occurrences in Shreegauri’s life.

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Even though there is much build-up before Shreegauri takes off for the foreign country, the producers choose not to show viewers about her trip to the USA. The Supreme Court case of Shreegauri Sawant is a significant segment of the programme. However, the proceedings before the court receive very little attention. Only her attorney is heard arguing for the recognition of transgender people as the third gender. We never learn what the opposing side claims.

The editing by Faisal Mahadik could have been more precise.

The audience feels alienated by the show’s overdramatization and sanitization in several places. It seems too everyday soap-like for Ganesh to be talking about his mother’s affection and then learn that she has passed away in the same scene. Or the show’s refusal to depict the neighborhood’s actual state—while cleaning up the slum when it enters one—is too obvious. You are aware that their fight and lives are not so tidy or straightforward.


Everyone should watch this series because it is important for them to understand how Shree Gauri Sawant Ji struggled for everyone’s equality, survival, and sense of self.Hats out to Sushmita Sen!! simply amazing performance. What a fantastic comeback, and you played your part honestly. You were exceptional, and each and every moment was so captivating that we watched this fantastic content nonstop and finished the entire series on the first day.

Exquisitely crafted. We will never fully comprehend their emotions or the struggles they face, therefore kudos to Gouri Amma for winning. Even though they were both created by the same God, it is incredibly disappointing that they have never been treated equally. In a stunning performance by Sushmitha Sen. excellence in her line of work. She always makes an impression. Every time I watch her, my admiration for her grows.

Sushmita Sen delivers an exceptional performance in the inspiring story of transgender resilience showcased in “Taali”. The series effectively portrays Gauri Sawant’s journey, serving as a poignant exploration of strength and embracing who you are. This is a highly recommended watch, featuring captivating storytelling and Sen’s outstanding acting.

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Who is Shreegauri Sawant?

Transgender activist Shreegauri Sawant, also known as Gauri Sawant, is from Mumbai, India. She is the founder and director of Sakhi Char Chowghi, an organisation that supports transgender and HIV/AIDS patients. She was portrayed in a Vicks commercial. She was appointed the Maharashtra Election Commission’s goodwill ambassador.

What is the story of Taali movie ?

The biographical series Taali is based on the life of transgender social activist Gauri Sawant, who has done much to improve society for the underprivileged as well as transgender people.

On which platform Taali series is available?

Taali series is available on Jio Cinema and it is free to watch.It has 6 episodes describing life of Shreegauri Sawant

Who is the director of the Taali series ?

Ravi Jadhav is the director of Taali series

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